Try out Mindstorms Lego!

Try out Mindstorms Lego!

Learn new skills!

Learn new skills!

Make new Friends!

Make new Friends!

Have fun painting!

Have fun painting!



Some examples of activities that will be explored


NEW: Intensive French Immersion Course

*Offered August 24-28 only.

Taking place the week before school begins, the course is intended to acclimatize students to learning in French after a summer forgetting the language. The course will review concepts seen in the previous grade and introduce students to French ideas and vocabulary they will learn in the coming year. The focus is primarily on communication but basic grammatical notions will also be reviewed.

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Campers are introduced to how and why things are built the way they are. Emphasis is placed on exploring the underlying concepts through hands-on activities and play, all in a French immersion environment. Older kids will discover software programming by designing, creating and then programming their own robots.

Examples of ideas and activities: geometry and weight distribution in the building of popsicle stick bridges; water displacement and buoyancy in the building of cardboard boats; energy and force in the building of self-propelled cars.


Campers are introduced to the workings of the universe. They explore various natural phenomena through play and experimentation. Emphasis is placed on exploration through hands-on activities, all in a French immersion environment.

Examples of ideas and activities: Frequency, sound and pitch produced by altering the flow of water; the energy and heat of making s’mores; the acidity and electricity produced by a battery made of fruit.

Reading and Writing

Campers will work with mentors to improve their French vocabulary, both written and oral. Practical exercises and play will be used to cement understanding of theoretical concepts.

Examples of ideas and activities: Vocabulary and verb tenses used to write a menu and then present a restaurant scenario; Argument essay, which will be used as the basis for a mock court trial.


Campers will focus on playing one sport per day but will also spend time exploring the history and science behind the sport, all is a French immersion environment.

Examples of ideas and activities: Force, energy and lift in the making of the grooves of a soccer ball; materials science, and the best materials for making a basketball.


Campers will have the opportunity to try juggling, improv, magic, balancing and more, all in a safe, supportive and French immersion environment.

Fine Arts and photography

Campers dabble in multiple fine arts mediums, from painting to photography: each day is new! Mornings are devoted to vocabulary and theory, and the afternoon allows campers to explore and practice their skills, all within a safe, supportive and French immersion environment.


Campers will improve their culinary skills while learning French. Each day will focus on cuisine from a different region, with Francophone regions being of particular interest. Campers will be introduced to the joys of cooking and eating well-balanced meals.

Examples of ideas and activities: Safe food handling; food preparation; eating well and balanced diet; cooking snacks; cooking meals; baking.

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